no, the people in this picture are not supermodels. they are my real-life husband and daughter. i wanted to post this picture because it will perhaps show you a glimmer of how much they love each other. they are as crazy about each other as i am about them.

one of the things that has surprised me the most about becoming a mother is how much i would enjoy watching my husband and daughter interact. in fact, it has been a true honor to have a front row seat in their love arena.  you see, i grew up without a daddy. (oh yes, i did just go there) as dramatic as that statement may sound, it really isn’t anything out of the ordinary for me . it’s just the way my life has been from the beginning – i don’t know life any other way. i do know that i am just one in bazillions of people who did not get a chance to experience a loving relationship with their father – whether they grew up with one or not.

although the lack of daddy-ness in my life does not cause me to cry every day, it has left me with a significant disconnect between seeing God as God and seeing God as my Father. i’ve had trouble understanding that type of relationship with Him mostly because i’ve never gotten to experience it in this physical life. when He calls Himself my “father” – i understand the word but i don’t quite get the meaning.

i believe one of the ways God is helping me understand His love for me as His daughter is by granting me the opportunity to watch my husband fall in love with his little girl. see, my husband doesn’t just love her – he completely delights in her. he does absolutely everything in his power to make this little girl smile (and oh the lengths this man will go to! i will have to show pictures when he forgets i have this blog). he loves to watch her dance, sing, play, and even point her finger at him and tell him what to do. everything she does makes his face light up. he even says he didn’t know that a child could give him this amount of joy.  and, as i watch,  all i can think is – wow! my little girl is so fortunate. thank you God for giving her a daddy like that! i know that the way he loves her even now will speak volumes to the woman she’ll become someday.

the point is – my daughter is not trying in any way to win him over. she isn’t in some desperate race to win his approval. she doesn’t try really hard to do good things so that he will love her. this little girl is simply who she is – and my husband loves every bit of it.

i feel like watching this takes me a little closer to believing and trusting God when He says:

“The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.” zephaniah 3:17