can there be a more attractive sight than this? pan dulce has been bringing sexy back for me since like 1984. pictured above is your typical “everyday”mexican bakery (panaderia). you can smell the bread baking about 7.5 blocks away. we had to buy bread about once or twice a week for the entire family. and when i mean we had to buy bread – i don’t mean we picked up a loaf of sliced white bread in a plastic bag and walked out. no, i mean – my grandmother, mom, aunts and i would spend about 30 minutes picking out the bread and then we would each walk out with at least two (yes, two) large paper bags full of bread in our hands. some days we had to make subsequent trips.

growing up, bread was my friend. we were what some may call “tight”. however, once i started high school i realized i had been deceived. bread was not, in fact, my friend but rather my arch-enemy. and if i ever wanted to look like dainty cute blonde cheerleader jane jones, then i’d better see bread for what it truly was and say my tearful goodbyes. (more on my climb up the elusive popularity ladder in future posts)

so, the deceptively sweet bread and i parted ways….on and off. until, finally, in college i broke it off completely. but i never forgot. i always remembered the sweetness dunked in my grandmothers hot chocolate and the smell of it being lightly toasted over an open flame. as i’ve grown older, i’ve realized and have come to accept that – no matter how much my hips and thighs dread it – bread will always be my weakness. and, yes, i will take a glance at it every now and then – maybe even run my fingers over its sugar coating. ok fine, if you want me to be completely honest about it…well…sometimes bread and i – we make out, ok?

*i just went to my pantry to get a roll and am eating it while i post this.