this past weekend i drove up to the fabulous city of waco, texas and got to see these wonderful women (where fabulous is sarcastic and wonderful is not):

these are my core group of college friends (not shown: mandy, sarah and carla). i met most of these girls when i was a mere 18 years of age which means they have experienced every extreme of my being – yet they are still willing to invite me along on these annual escapades 13 years later (HOLY MOLY! it’s been 13 years!!).

we met as 18-year-olds in a college bible study group. back then, we were in many ways innocent, naive and – if i may be so bold – immature. and, i think, we often assumed we knew so much about life – thought we were simply putting the finishing touches on our “growing up”. and now looking back – i get teary-eyed at the thought of such little girls about to be pushed off the edge of childhood into the depths of real life – how unaware we were. 

life has taken us in so many directions – as lawyers, doctors, crime scene investigators, youth mentors, stay-at-home moms, communication gurus, government officials, military officers, etc.  we’ve also each been blindsided by the peaks and valleys of life – sudden awakenings sometimes overflowing with laughter and sometimes filled to the brim with tears. i think that had we met now we would more than likely not find many things in common with each other and perhaps not grow to be friends. yet, our first connection has withstood the test of time.  i don’t mean to sound cheesy, but at the very basic level our connection – the one thing we always have in common – is God’s love and pursuit of each one of us. the knowledge that because of this love – we will always be “sisters” – even despite ourselves. 🙂

it was such a fun weekend!

time with you guys always makes me nostalgic for our college days, thankful for how far God has brought us and reminded of how far we have yet to go.


* i copied my friend kelle with her blog post about our weekend in waco. you can read her post HERE!