in honor of national poetry month i have asked you, my friends and family, to send me an original poem of yours to showcase on my blog. the submissions just poured in and i received an overwhelming total of three poems today. i’m hoping things pick up in the next few days, but knowing you people – they won’t. but, out of respect to those who humored me…here are the poems of the day…drumroll…

My Life (a haiku)
Poop and pee diapers.
Spilled milk. Scattered toys. Stained clothes.
Mess. Everywhere.

– Matthew Y.

**matthew, i do appreciate a four syllable “everywhere” – clever, very clever.


Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
So what if I’m not the best poet?
Neither are you.
– Anonymous ( i will not dignify this poem with an acknowledgement of the author)
Hurricane Peace

Violent winds swirl around,
One glance outward, you lose your ground.
Trust, my child, you’re safe in the eye…
Peace nowhere but here doth lie.

The circumstances of your life
May threaten destruction, turmoil, strife
But peace exists, you can rest still,
The eye’s the center of My Will.

– Jennifer C. aka “George”