i was really trying to write a post today, but the words were not coming out right which means it’s best to wait for another day when God has untangled my heart and gives me better things to share. for now i will leave you with two things:

one) a prayer request for lucia who is having her g-tube placed along with a nissen procedure on wednesday september 21st. please pray for surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, my sweet beautiful isabella to not be to shaken by lucia’s 5 day stay at the hospital, for lucia to handle anesthesia perfectly and for her to recover quickly and painlessly, and for their nervous parents who tried to avoid this surgery for so long and are now faced with the reality that it’s just a few days away.

two) a song that i really love listening to lately (and, yes, i know they play it a hundred times a day on k-love, but i still love it). this song is a sort of prayer that i pray over our little family as well as any of you who are being beautifully yet painfully refined by God these days. i ask God that as we place our trust in Jesus, He will lift us up out of these ashes and that we will rise shining gloriously in the magnificence of His love.