dear isabella,

this morning your daddy was watching you twirl around our livingroom as you often tend to do – singing and rapping (you get your rapping talent from me) at the top of your lungs. he looked over at me and asked –

“are all kids like this or did we just get lucky?”

is that not the sweetest question ever? i am making sure it is recorded as part of your history – one of many sweet, kind things your daddy says about you – so that you realize and remember how much he’s always loved you and how blessed he feels to be your dad.

and to answer his question –

i’m sure there are a million kids singing and dancing in the middle of their homes. but none of them – not one – have your sweet, tender voice. none of them have your funky dance moves. and for sure none of them have that fantastic smile that you flash in our direction as you let yourself get lost in the music playing *loudly* in your head.

there are a gazillion kids in this world, isabella, but not one of them is you.

yes, we are that lucky.

i love you.

mama. mommy. mommy poo poo on the face.

Isabella getting lost in song!