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four weeks ago lucia had her g-tube placed as well as a nissen wrap procedure done. she was in the hospital for a total of 5 days. she brought home with her 6 incisions – 5 on her stomach and 1 on her leg. even so, i’m not sure who ended up with the deeper wounds – her or me. i don’t mean i was wounded in a negative way- i mean that i felt God’s hand take a scalpel to my heart and change it. teaching me to trust Him in a new way – a tried and tested way. it’s one thing for me to go around talking about how i trust God and it’s quite another to actually trust Him – with my daughter no less. this surgery has been my furthest leap of faith to date. as with any leap, it was scary and intense – the fall was adrenaline-filled – but this particular landing was breathtaking and exhilerating. the night before the surgery adam and i had gotten on our knees to beg God for lucia’s protection. i specifically asked that God would be there on the other side – that He would not let us fall.  that not only would the surgery go well but that everything about it would be perfect. as usual, i had my doubts. i had recently started to question God’s definition of perfection vs. mine. i had started to believe that perhaps asking for perfection was not a prayer God answered. i started to believe that “somewhat good” was as close to perfect as things were ever going to get.

but! God chose our experience to be truly perfect instead…

many of our friends and family signed up to pray for lucia in half hour increments (or more!) throughout the entire morning of the surgery. we can’t thank you all enough!

my mom arrived at our doorstep at 5:00am to be with isabella for the morning – thank you mom!

hospital admissions process was quick and easy

pre-op nurses kind and informative

our surgeon – expressed his confidence in how well the surgery would go, had a sense of humor and was very thorough

our anesthesiolgist – listened to all of our concerns, explained the right kind of anesthesia for lucia, also expressed a lot of confidence in how well surgery would go and how much he would care for lucia

our pre-op nurse – very kind. i was able to hold lucia most of the way to the OR and hand her over to this nurse who held her and cuddled her instead of wheeling her down on a bed.

the moment we left lucia was very hard. i cried all the way to the waiting room where i found my in-laws and sister-in-law there for comfort.

the best part – the surgeon walking in to the waiting room to tell us the surgery had gone perfectly and lucia was in recovery. my heart almost leaped out of my chest with joy!!

lucia did have difficulty breathing on her own after surgery and did need oxygen for a few hours post surgery, but by the next day she was back to herself and even off all monitors.

the nurse in recovery informed us that we would have to share a room with another child during our stay in the hospital. all i could think was “well, there goes perfect!”

i was wrong. perfection came in the form of a gorgeous baby boy. *one of the biggest blessings* of our stay was our roommates. after recovery, lucia was wheeled up to her room where i immediately noticed the beautiful boy in the bed next to hers. a short time later we chatted with his daddy and found out his 11 month old son, dylan, had the exact same surgery as lucia. dylan and lucia are only a month apart and dylan has a big brother who is greatly admired by isabella. he is 6 years old and was quick to hug isabella and even hold her hand the first time they met. hmmmm…gotta keep an eye on that boy! 🙂 dylan’s parents took turns spending the night with him in the hospital just like we did with lucia so adam got to know his daddy and i got to know his mommy. adam and dylan’s daddy even work in the same field! we couldn’t have been more blessed by their company!

at six months, dylan was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). here’s a link to their caringbridge site: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/dylanspeece/journal please add dylan to your prayers as well.

one of the nicest things was to be able to share our journey with each other. they have walked a very similar path to ours and it felt nice to finally speak to someone who truly understood what these past 10 months have been like. we could finally talk and not try really hard to find the right words to convey the pain – it was simply understood. Praise God for our new friends!!

definitely this experience changed me in great way. we have more even bigger challenges to face up ahead (i will update on those soon), but i truly feel that with this surgery – one of the biggest hurdles is behind us.

Praise God – lucia can now eat as much as she needs to grow and the best part is she no longer throws up at all!!! what a huge burden lifted off our shoulders. we can hold her, isabella can hold her, she can sit in a high chair, we can dance with her and move with her without the constant fear that she is going to lose her entire feeding. Praise God! this surgery was certainly an improvement in our quality of life and although it’s odd to say that a foreign object in our daughter’s stomach is great – it truly is amazing! Praise God for the procedure and the wonderful surgeon!!

adam commented the other day that lucia seems to have developed 3 months in just a few days. so, the extra nutrition is definitely helping!

thank you all for your continued prayers (God is obviously answering them!) and the love you constantly extend to us. again, there aren’t enough words with which to thank you.