tonight isabella and i went outside to look at the moon and the stars. it’s one of our favorite things to do right before bedtime. this is one of the greatest conversations i’ve had with her to date:

isabella (looking at the stars): they look like glitter!

me: they do! God took them in His hand and threw them up into the sky and spread them all around like glitter just for you. He knew you would love it.

isabella (staring intently at the sky) yells at the top of her lungs: I LOVE YOU GOD!

she turns to me and whispers: did He hear me?

me: yes, isabella, He heard you perfectly and (pointing to her heart) deep down in your heart He is whispering “I love you too, Isabella”

isabella (pointing at her own heart): He’s in my heart? Can you make a little hole right there so i can see Him?

me: i can’t make a little hole but i promise you that He is there. let’s say goodnight to the moon and the stars now.

but instead she chose to yell this: THANK YOU GOD!

best praise and worship i have ever experienced in my life.

i would give anything to have the guts to call out to Him like that – to yell out that i love Him and i thank Him with everything that i have. that He is beautiful and wonderful and perfect and that i desperately need Him in my life. someday – i’ll get the courage to do it. i might get arrested, but i think it will be worth it.

i do love you and thank you my God – with every piece of my heart