about a month ago lucia started throwing up again, something she’s not supposed to be able to do since her surgery last september. in the beginning, her surgeon and, consequently, we attributed it to some antibiotics she was on for an ear infection, but she has continued to throw up her feedings more and more each passing day – very similar to the constant vomitting we dealt with in the months before her surgery. i spoke with the surgeon again this past saturday and he believes that her nissen procedure may have come undone. in fact, he is hoping to find that it has come undone and that it can be fixed by a second surgery. the alternative, he said, is that lucia is vomiting despite her procedure and we would have a complicated situation trying to find ways to keep her fed. i, personally, don’t like either scenario. based on her diagnosis, lucia is at high risk when it comes to general anesthesia. on the other hand, the nissen was a miraculous procedure for her and a huge burden lifted in our lives when she could eat without throwing up. she needs her nutrition not only to survive, but to be strong enough to grow, develop and thrive. (which, by the way, she is developing beautifully!)

so, therein lies our need for prayer! we have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow as well as an upper gi study to see if the nissen is still intact or not. please ask God that His healing hand be all over lucia and all over this situation. please ask Him to heal our baby girl from throwing up. most of all, please ask that we can feel Him surrounding us and obey Him FEARLESSLY as we take this next step in our journey.

i have so much more i want to say and write, but i will save it for another day in the very near future. there are so many thoughts and feelings tangled around my heart and brain that need to be freed soon before they start to strangle. 🙂 in the meantime, please please pray for our lucia.

in exchange, i leave you with these pics of the girls because, come on! how can you not pray for such sweetness?!