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just a quick update to let you all know that lucia is doing very well! praise God!!she miraculously has not thrown up since i last updated! she is still on continuous feeding, but we have slowly been able to increase her calories and she has yet to throw up. so, thank you for your prayers! God has definitely answered and has calmed our worries. although 24 hour feeding is not the “ideal” situation for various reasons, it means lucia can get the calories she needs without vomiting or surgery and that in itself is ideal! if in the future (near or far) we see a greater benefit than risk for surgery, we will definitely ask God to guide us in that direction, but we are grateful to have the option.

the wonderful thing about all of this is that i confided in a good (great,amazing!) friend of mine that i was having trouble asking God for a miracle because i didn’t want to be disappointed if He chose not to answer in that way. her response was “you pray for a message from God to guide your spirit in all this, and i’ll pray for the miraculous”. it was so comforting/reassuring to have a friend pick up the “slack” when i felt that i could not. (thank you, em, for praying literally for me)

in this past year and a half i have come to rely so much on the prayers of those around me. not that i have stopped praying, but that i have leaned on others to pray when i felt tired, doubtful, limited within my own fears, and especially when i didn’t even know what to pray. i can’t ever repay or express how much all of your prayers mean to me. i hope once we are all in heaven you will see the depth of my gratitude. if i can ever be the one to pray for the extravagant, the miraculous, the perfection your heart desires when you feel tired, doubtful or speechless, please know that it would be an honor for me to do so.