isabella stories:

the other evening we decided to eat dinner at costco. any good costco food court connossieur knows you can only pay with cash. adam and i were scouring the house looking for some extra dollars to cover our dinner. unbeknownst to us, isabella notices this and runs to her room. when we find her she is digging in her dresser drawers.

us: “isabella, what are you doing?”

isabella turns and hands us her couple of quarters, dimes and nickels she’s been saving. “i found money for you mommy and daddy!”

us: oh no isabella! that is so sweet but you don’t have to give us your money!”

isabella: “no, you can have it” as she presses them into my hand giving me one of her sweet smiles.


isabella says “drops” for tears. as in “mommy, why do you have drops?” she asks when i am crying. lately, she’s gotten into the habit of asking her daddy, her papa and her abuelita if they will have lots of drops at work because they can’t see her. and further asking “but you will be SO happy when you come home because you get to see me?”


isabella had been throwing a tantrum in the car one day because i wouldn’t buy her a chick-fil-a ice cream. we were on our way to bring lunch to adam at work and i kept telling her she already had too much chocolate for one day. but she kept adamantly insisting that she wanted an ice cream and she wanted it “NOW!!” i was getting very frustrated with her whining and crying so as soon as adam got in the car i told him all about it. adam turns to her and is about to open his mouth to lecture her when we hear this:

“no, no, no dad. i can’t have ice cream; i’ve already had too much chocolate for one day!”