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there is a magical place not too far from our home where all seven kids’ dreams come true: nana & papa land – their very own version of neverland. here in this enchanted place all kids can shed the shackles of parental rules and discipline and run carefree; assured that they will never be told to eat less sugar, get more sleep, or use those boring “inside voices”. here, in nana and papa land, the kids can pretend to be pirates, princesses and racecar drivers all while eating ice cream and running through water obstacles outside. they can even bet on having any and all drawings posted proudly along the walls of this magical place. days begin and end with chocolately treats and trips to the toy store are squished in between. bedtime, if it ever arrives, is not in your typical kid bed. it’s on a carpeted camping ground complete with tents, sleeping bags, scary snake stories (shout out to mr. pops!) and your best buddies sleeping right beside you. best of all, each kid who steps into this wondrous land is welcomed with open arms and wrapped in loving hugs.

take a peek:

   Girls Night at Nana and PapaGirls Night (3)

Chutes n LaddersLucy n Tyler

Movie Night (2)Movie Night