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about 2 weeks ago, my husband and i took a big step for our family – we joined a gym. i took an even bigger step today when i actually exercised at said gym. but before getting to this day, i had to thoroughly prepare for such a monumental step in my life.

1. i bought a new workout outfit. yeah, i ain’t denying it. like i always say *,  if you can’t look cute exercising; might as well look cute trying.

Workout clothes

2. i found a workout partner. her name is lolo. she’s nice, motivating and she’s not much of a looker so as to not make me feel insecure. not to mention she’s cheap. i paid $4 for her. i highly recommend her. here she is: Lolo

3. i downloaded new workout music. this has to be my favorite part. getting to choose fun, heart-pumping music that will make me feel like i’m out clubbin’ which i’ve never done in reality but always imagine it to be fun. of course, i had to include the song “sexy and i know it” because who doesen’t get motivated by that? and it also makes me laugh.

Sexy and I know it

 * i’ve never said this.