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there are days in the life of a stay-at-home-mom (or at least in the life of this stay-at-home-mom) when you find yourself un-showered, three piles deep into laundry, and each of your children crying because that one doesn’t want her diaper changed and the other one wants ice cream for breakfast. there’s drippings of chocolate, possibly poop, on the livingroom rug, the garbage disposal no longer cares to run and the toilets scream out to you in vulgar and forbidden fumes. your mind teeters back and forth between counting to ten and planning your own version of the “underground railroad” escape. your husband leaves you for work in the morning a little uneasy about the crazy-eyed stare in your eyes. he returns in the evening to find that, not only have you still not showered, but you’re cooking up some sort of ground beef dinner for the third time this week (you used to consider it a dinner staple, but it’s obviously become your cooking crutch). the kids seem overjoyed by his arrival much like shipwrecked castaways running and screaming toward the helicopter bringing assurance of their rescue. he takes a deep breath as you present him with an exhaustive, hour-by-hour list of the day’s activities (which, you might add, not only didn’t go well, but you also find terribly mundane), and at the end of your long discourse – he looks at you in puzzled amazement – while you pick some dinner leftovers out of your teeth, let out a tired sigh, and walk away from him while itching your bottom and muttering questionable things beneath your breath.

and let’s just say, for arguement’s sake, that it ain’t sexy.

but all of that is about to change. right now. because you have decided that life will no longer be just this. that life is more than this. that you will take on all of the mess plus the headaches plus the beautiful things like your daughters filling up your life with love and your wonderful husband holding your hand and heart, but you will add something new…and fun…and a little bit crazy. you are going to add some spice. you are ’bout to get on the spice train, baby! (that’s for you, k.k.)

and here’s a first look as to what that looks like.

welcome to date night saturday, october 6th, 2012: gruene dance hall – asleep at the wheel concert. woooohoooo. if you’ve known me long enough you know that i LOVE to travel (anywhere outside city limits counts) and i LOVE concerts…add a smokey little dance hall to the mix and i’m in pure bliss. we escaped soon after the girls fell asleep (thank you, mom!) and we were on the road – wild and free! driving long distances to somewhere fun at night – yet another favorite! add some music to the drive and it’s truly close to perfection.

Date night 10.6.12

Asleep at the Wheel 10.6.12Asleep at the Wheel - amazing lady singer

Gruene Dance Hall Take 1Gruene Dance Hall Take 2Gruene Dance Hall Take 3 10.6.12

Awww yeah boi awww yeah!!

stay tuned for adam and almudena’s future spice adventures…