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adam and i were lucky enough to get a second night out the weekend after our first spicy date (thank you mr. pops & ms. patti!!). we went to an event at the botanical gardens called “gardens by moonlight” (how romantic is that?!). i wouldn’t have thought that we’d be able to see much of the gardens at night, but the moonlit lighting drew out the lush greens and made the gardens feel vibrant even in the dark. the night was breezy and cool as we sat on the higher part of a grassy slope waiting for the band to start. oh yes, we saw “the greencards” (how very apropos for me!) in concert – they were phenomenal, fantastic musicians. the kind of musicians that just blow me away by their raw talent and natural ease with instruments. not only did we get to see them perform, but we got to see them perform with the most amazing view of the city skyline glittering behind them. it was a splendid night – adam’s fingers entwined in mine.

(let’s take a pause now to hear adam gag after that last line)

anyway, here’s the pictures:

Botanical Gardens date night 10.13.12

The Greencards 10.13.12

Gardens by Moonlight 10.13.12

i’m also adding a video of “the greencards” so you can take a listen. they truly are great. this video doesn’t show off all of their vast talent and the blue-grassiness they are known for, but i like this song – so, there you go.